Friday, November 17, 2006

Saturday, September 02, 2006

i'm not sureabout some things BUT

i'm sorry for making you upset and the only way i can think of to show my deepest regret in doing you any wrong is to delete this blog and start afresh smwhere new. (add me on msn if you want to know my "new" address) where i will only, hopefully, talk abt happy and funny things. where people who dislike me will not be tempted to read abt my ramblings and then feel angry over the things i say on the spur of the moment. or maybe never blog again. a blog is after all, seldom a true reflection of a person, whether you adore or hate my blogger personality. to me, it is simply a place to jot down fleeting thoughts, share funny jokes or vent my temporary frustrations, to let me check what i was doing at different points in my life etc etc.
and tt's everything serious i can offer you.

to lighten things up, i'll share a tip and joke with you (as told by jc friends at holland v today).

tip of the day: to create a deeper cleavage and bigger boobs effect, bend down and push the fats from yr shoulder blade onwards towards your chest when wearing your bra. tried and tested and deemed qualified by a certain smbody.

joke of the day:
my friend went wrk travel US and encountered an incident whereby a Russian guy who also works there speaks english horribly. one day, an american guy walked into the cake shop in the theme park to buy a funnel cake.
"thank you sir, here is your FUNERAL CAKE."
the pissed of american lodged a complaint and the poor russian got taken out of work for a day to receive retraining.
the very next day, the same american walked into the same shop and bought the same cake from the same russian.
"thank you sir, here is your f*ck cake."